Love Millie – Customisable Clothing for Children

What is Love Millie?

Love Millie is a clothing range for babies and children inspired by Millie, the daughter of a designer Mummy.

It all started when Millie wanted to create unique gifts for her friends and family, something personal. That’s where her Mummy came in designing pink hoodies with a cute little design of Millie’s face with a little blonde bob (which is now the Love Millie logo) and their names on.

There an idea became a business and now Love Millie is a fantastic successful online business where you can create and order everything from clothing to accessories, for babies, boy and girls in a variety of colours. There is also an option to create designs for clubs and groups.

What makes Love Millie different?

Love Millie stands out from all other clothing brands, for various reasons. The most obvious being the unique yet recognisable design on the garments.

They can be personalised to each individual baby or child down hair colour, accessories, facial expression and the colour of the hoody not to mention their name is printed on there too.

The design of your little ones face although unique to them is recognisable as a Love Millie design, which will make them love their new garment even more.

The Review

Website & Customer Service

I have been sent a Love Millie hoody for my little girl Nicole, it came on her 1st birthday which was a lovely surprise!

Once I’d chosen the garment on the website it was time for the fun customisation to begin.

I chose my specifications using the eight step customisable tool on the Love Millie website, I was surprised by how quick and easy it was to use. I’m usually not a lover of online tools because there I always seem to come across some issue, but on the Love Millie website, everything you need is laid out perfectly for you to navigate to what you desire within seconds. The tools are faultless and simple to use.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when it came to the quality of the hoody, as with products ordered online you never really know what you are getting until it gets here.

As soon as the hoody came perfectly packaged in a lovingly wrapped parcel within just a couple of days, I opened it up to find a thick, well designed garment.


The material is hard wearing, perfect for little ones who are going to be rolling in the mud, smearing it in food and generally just being your average wear and tear kid.

The difference between Love Millie and other brands is, it is made with the love and experience of a Mother.

The design is beautifully inspired by a child called Millie, so therefore kids love them and the garments are durable and long lasting so parents love them too!

We got the 12-24 months size for Nicole, she received the hoody just as she turned 12 months and she is quite petite for her age anyway so there was plenty of room in it for her, but it still fit and she looked adorable in it straight away.

The Design

The design of Nicole’s face on the hoody is super cute and stands out, plus it is the hair is fuzzy textured, which when I showed my boys the hoody, my son Mikey who has Autism particularly like the feel of the hair. Jack liked the cheesy grin on the hoody, which he said was perfect for Nicole because she is a cheeky monkey.

Nicole who usually doesn’t like hoods or hats, loved the hoody. She seemed very comfy in it and didn’t even mind when I put the hood up. It looked like she was very cosy wearing it and compared to the girly girl clothes she usually wears this hoody looked smart.

Overall, the design was unique and memorable, the quality was top notch and kid-friendly and the service, plus the website was outstanding.

Love Millie is a wonderful brand, the perfect gift for the little one in your life or if there isn’t an occasion it still a great place to get your kid’s everyday clothing and accessories from.

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