Date night for the anxious parent

Having children, it isn’t for the faint hearted.

They take our energy, our money and our sanity.

Then the irony is when we get the chance to have a break, whether it be an hour, a day or a night off we get anxious and don’t want to leave our little hell raisers.

With my first son, Jack it took me over a year until I was brave enough to spend a night away, it actually wasn’t until my second born Mikey was born that I left them with my Mum for the night when Mikey was a few months old.

Every parent is different and we all decide when we are ready for break in our own time. Of course you get the people who tell you that you NEED the break, which may be 100% correct, but if you feel you physically can’t pull yourself away from your child then it’s up to you to wait until you are ready.

This all being true it is important to make time for yourself and for your relationship with your partner, so I’ve come up with some date night ideas that are achievable even if you are anxious.

Date night at home

If you have a particularly good sleeper in your little one, then you can work around their nap or bed time to put them in their bed, pop the baby monitor on and have a date night at home.

Whether it be a romantic home cooked meal, a takeaway, or a Netflix and chill (where you most probably will chill when you’re knackered from having a baby).

There is the risk your baby will wake up at any time and destroy a romantic moment, but if you’re too anxious to leave the same house as them, then for now this kind of date night will do.

The day time date

Day time dates, seem to be a lot less formal than evening dates. There is usually not as much dressing up and preening as a romantic evening rendezvous, which in turn can take the weight of anxiety off. Depending on the trusted babysitter, you could even pop to town and have Grandma or whoever it is wonder off around the shops, with the baby in the buggy while you pop for a spot of lunch. It’s informal, less big build up but still gives you one on one adult conversation.

Venture out

If you want to go out for the evening but are anxious about leaving baby for the evening, what I do quite often is put the kids to bed and have my Mum sit at my house. This way you’ve still done the bed time routine and that rotten mummy guilt can’t weigh down on us so much, it always makes me feel better knowing they are in my home that is child proof and I haven’t broken their routine.

These are just a few ideas for dating when you’re anxious about leaving your little ones. If you have any unique ideas or experiences, please comment to share with others.

It is completely normal to feel anxious about leaving your little one, they have lived inside of us for 9 months and then rely on us for everything, no-one knows them better than us. I remember feeling like I would never leave Jack, but in the end I got there, now every few months they have a sleepover at their Nan’s house. I have left Nicole for about 2 hours so far so I’m still working my way up to leaving her for the night and I know I will get there, just not there.

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