Are you afraid of your baby choking? Me too!

It’s one of my biggest fears and at least once daily I must go into a sudden panic thinking one of my little ones has put something in their mouth. They pull an odd face or make a choking sound, they constantly  have me on pins!

There’s nothing quite as scary as the fear of choking to send you into a blind panic.

Now thanks to the family design team at FRED there is a wonderful rage of safety checked products including a choke tester. They are available from Cheeky Rascals a supplier for great baby and parent products from across the globe!

I’ve been sent one to try out and review.

What is FRED?

Fred is the result of years of collaborative effort between a father and son team of Danish designers (with almost 60 years of experience with home safety products!). Product specialists from the UK, USA, Germany and China. They are a member of the Global Alliance for Child Safety.

Every week, at least 1 child under 5 is killed in the UK in an accident. More than 75% of these fatal accidents happen in the home. 60 under 5’s are hospitalised each week as a result of a burn or a scald. No-one knows how many more are hurt to a lesser extent (data taken from ROSPA accident statistics).

Nothing beats parental supervision but accidents can happen.

Each and every clever little idea from Fred is designed to improve child safety to give you peace of mind.

Safer by design and engineered using high performance materials Fred products are fantastically quick and easy to install.

What is the choke tester and why do you need it?

The choke tester is tool to test objects that could come into contact with your baby or toddler, to test the risk of choking.

As us parents know, little ones can grab anything at the speed of light and it goes straight into their mouth. We all know about choking and we all watch the videos about what to do if your child is choking. I will add the link to at the St John Ambulance video at the end of this post.

First and foremost our aim should be to PREVENT choking.

How does it work?

It is the simplest tool to use, all you have to do is take the object in question and try to fit it into the choke tester. If the object doesn’t fit fully inside the tester then it is safe.

It is important to make sure there are no small bits attached to it that can be broken or pulled off that could be a risk. Also it is important to use your common sense and parental instincts. If something might not be a risk of choking but could be sharp or damaging to your child then don’t give it to them. The choke tester is to be used on products or toys you WOULD give to your child if it is safe to do so.

The test…

I grabbed a couple of objects that were nearby to use the Choke Tester and try it out. These aren’t all objects that I’d give to my child, but are objects a child could easily come into contact with. I wanted to show how easy it is for kids to get hold of items that are a choking hazard.

Bottle lid

I always try to dispose of these bottle lids as soon as we buy them because they are easily misplaced and are see through. Little eyes always manage to find them and pop them straight in their mouth. Although they are made with plenty of holes in, just in case of a child swallowing them, does not mean they are safe. They fit inside the FRED choke tester so ARE a choking hazard.

Two pence piece

I always keep money out of reach of my little ones. Jack my eldest who is almost four has money boxes he puts pennies in, we are always with him when he uses them. He understands the risks and I have passed my anxiety of choking onto him. I do have to be careful he or any of us don’t drop any money or leave any lying around. The 2 pence which is one of the bigger coins fits inside the choke tester, so therefore IS a risk of choking.

Wooden block

Often given as a gift to babies or toddlers, we got our daughter wooden blocks for her first birthday. After trying them in the choke tester found they ARE SAFE and are not a risk of choking.

Hair Clip

My daughter who has just turned one has just been able to start wearing hair clips. After doing the choke test we are careful not to leave them lying around and to observe her at all times when she is wearing them. I have noticed if we distract her when we put them in her hair she doesn’t actually know she has them in and won’t pull at them.

How can you get one?

Like these simple, revolutionary, life saving choke testers weren’t great enough but they are a bargain at only £3.99. Plus you get warning stickers to put around your home to make others vigilant of at-risk areas in the home. Plus a probe to check for finger traps in the home.

You can purchase the £3.99 home safety check kit HERE

To see the rest of the products available on the Cheeky Rascals website click HERE

To visit the FRED website to learn more click HERE

To purchase any FRED safety products they are available at the Cheeky Rascals website HERE

I LOVE products that are safe for children and prevent accident or injury.

So of course all FRED products are Yummy Mummy’s Blog Recommended.

Here is the St John Ambulance save a choking baby video: